Celebrating a successful 2019 Más que una Semilla campaign in Equatorial Guinea

A team of volunteers from Más que Salud organized and hosted a monographic course on pediatrics and neonatology for general practitioners, nurses and pediatricians. We also provided medical and dental care for people through the Más que Palabras and Más que una Sonrisa projects.

Más que Salud successfully completed the 2019 Más que una semilla campaign in Equatorial Guinea. In October 2019, a team of volunteers traveled to Bata to train the staff who work at the city’s hospital, and also to provide dentistry and otorhinolaryngology care for numerous people.



One of the great successes of the campaign was the monographic course in pediatrics and neonatology taught at the Faculty of Health Sciences, which brought together more attendees than all the previous training sessions hosted by Más que Salud.

Another important aspect of this campaign included meetings that Más que Salud team members had with representatives of the Ministry of Health and the National University of Equatorial Guinea to develop a Specialized Medical Training Program, which will be included in the National Health Plan. "Our hope is to be able to start this new program in the 2020-2021 academic year", explained Más que Salud president Robert Memba.



During the campaign our team was able to move forward on the Más que una project. In the initial phase of this project, we set up a small clinic in the SOS Aldeas Infantiles site in Bata, which has already been serving its first patients. In addition, we began training people in oral health and hygiene. The indigenous project team was strengthened with the incorporation of Priscila who was trained in oral health in Barcelona after receiving a grant from Más que Salud.



Another important initiative in this campaign included one of our longest-running projects, the Más que Palabras project, which focuses on caring for people with hearing deficiencies. Over the years, we have trained a variety of people who are serving with this project. For the first time, our team performed otorhinolaryngology surgeries, which is a very important development. "You can see the result of the efforts of people who have been trained thanks to Más que Salud, and who are developing helping this project grow in Bata," said Robert Memba.