Aid for the disaster in Guinea

Sunday, March 7, there was a large explosion in Bata (Equatorial Guinea), causing more than 100 fatalities, with several hundred injured and leaving multiple people homeless.

If you want to collaborate with those affected by this catastrophe, make a donation to the following account number:

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News about the specialized training program in Guinea

Protestante Digital has published a story about the specialized training program FES Guinea. Check it out in this link.

Implementation meeting for FES Guinea

Virtual work meeting including, among others, the most excellent vice minister of Equatorial Guinea, the vice-president of the Medical College of Spain (OMC) and the vice-president of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) with the General Coordinator of the State Foundation of Health, Infancy and Social Well-being (FCSAI) of the Ministry of Health, Implementation and Wellbeing of Spain, along with the Board of Directors of the nonprofit, Mas Que Salud (+Q Salud). The implementation of the program FES Guinea (Specialty training in Equatorial Guinea) is now ready to be implemented in the short to medium-term future.

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A talk on dental health in Bata

Guinean teammates, Priscilla and Estrella, trained as hygienists by the nonprofit organization, Mas que Salud, give a lecture in the school Morada de Paz in Bata with Pastor Matías (Equatorial Guinea) where they explain the importance of our teeth and how to avoid cavities through diet and brushing. All of the students showed great interest!

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Más que Salud receives the International Cooperation Award

The QuironSalud foundation granted the nonprofit organization +QSalud the International Cooperation award (worth 10,000 Euros) for the project "Breaking COVID Barriers – Equatorial Guinea", as part of the Specialist Health Training Program of Equatorial Guinea (FES Guinea). The award ceremony took place online. One more step that brings us ever closer to our final goal.

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The winner of the last Congress of Medical and Health Sciences has already started his training in Barcelona

Dr Alejandro Lopeló will be learning for three months in Spain about clinical laboratory specialties with the aim of returning later to Equatorial Guinea and implementing the acquired knowledge.

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Más que Salud in the National Congress of SEORL

The coordinator of the project Más que Palabras, Guillem Viscasillas, has presented the campaign during the meeting, which received it well and valued it positively.

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Training in dental hygiene for children in Equatorial Guinea

Priscila, our scholar who is studying the higher degree of Oral Health at the Ramón y Cajal School in Barcelona, is in Equatorial Guinea. She has been able to train children in dental hygiene. This was an opportunity to put her learning into practice and to do it with the younger ones.

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Antonio and Esteban in Barcelona

Antonio Asumu and Esteban Nkisogo have accompanied us for a few months thanks to some training scholarships with which they have been able to join several teams of the General Hospital of Catalonia. In the case of Antonio, who is a pediatrician, he has been able to train and share space with pediatricians, residents and nurses from the Catalan center. For his part, Esteban has completed his training as a nurse with the hospital staff.

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10th anniversary of Más que Salud

Más que Salud is 10 years old, and we want to share with you this video that gathers the most important and emotional moments lived through these years. Thank you for helping us make all these dreams possible!

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Priscila arrives in Spain

We can share with you that Priscila has finally arrived in Spain, thanks to many people who have worked hard for to make this possible. Priscila is a seventeen-year-old girl from Equatorial Guinea, who really wanted to do her Baccalaureate in Spain in order to obtain a better academic level that would allow her to access medical school in the future, in order to help people in Guinea. 

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Summary first half 2016 activities

On January 9 Más que Salud held a charity concert organized at the Centre Artesà Tradicionarius located in the Gracia district of Barcelona. More than 200 people enjoyed the pace of gospel staged by Vocal Groove, formed by 10 voices and 4 musicians, accompanied by the African soloist Amos Obasohan. The public vibrated with the energy and quality of the show, while collaborating in improving health in Equatorial Guinea.

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Arcel's story

We would like to introduce you to Arcel, a six year’ old boy that was urgently brought to Spain by the volunteers who recently travelled to Guinea.

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Trip to Equatorial Guinea coming soon

We are going to Equatorial Guinea! Up to 24 cooperators are looking forward to travel to Guinea Equatorial; with lots of effort, planning, sense of humor and vaccines, they are eager to start a mission trip to carry out training campaigns, assistential actions to local population and to give support to several organizations in that country.

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Apolinar and Tecla return to Guinea

Last week we waved good-bye to the doctors Tecla and Apolinar, who went back to Equatorial Guinea after spending 6 weeks of training in hospitals in the Barcelona area. This stay has enabled them to deepen their expertise in their respective fields and acquire some knowledge of hospital management.

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Amplifon Ibérica Donation

In September Amplifon Ibérica, represented by Ms. Liliana Comitini (CEO) and Mr Obdulio Herrera, gave to +QS an important donation of equipment (audiometer, otoscope...), material for fitting of hearing aids, batteries and educational guides for parents of children with hearing problems.

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Denture works Donation

Mr. David Mena dental laboratory (Menadent) has donated seven dental prosthesis (see photo) to Equatorial Guinea patients who were seen in the last campaign. This allows us to step forward in expanding welfare services in all specialties.

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Rotation of a Guinean doctor in Spanish hospitals

As part of the health training for workers in Equatorial Guinea, during the month of July, a Guinean doctor Dr Silvano Nve, specialist in anesthesiology, will be on Resuscitation and Anesthesia Services at the Integral Health Consortium at Barcelona and at the Torrejón Hospital in Madrid as assistant / observer.

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Attendance to an Auditory Verbal Therapy course

The Federation of Cochlear Implants in Spain (AICE) organized the workshop "Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT): A partnership between parents and professionals" during May 23 and 24 in Madrid. +QSalud sent the speech therapist Naomi Fariña, and Domingo Nguema from Bata (Equatorial Guinea) father of Lydia, a child with a cochlear implant. The workshop help him to continue learning the special care for her daughter.

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Collaboration with Equatorial Guinea in the specialists training program

We continue on our comprehensive health and education project in Equatorial Guinea. Our vision is to help train doctors, nurses and health technicians so that they can develop their own self sufficient, local training model.

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A new interview

Once again Más que Salud has been interviewed. This time Robert Memba, president of our NGO was interviewed for the program Doble Sis, from 25TV channel. The interview consisted of a journey from the beginning of Más que Salud until today and the plans for the future, emphasising on the specialists training project in Equatorial Guinea.

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Medical equipment donation in Guinea

Part of our work in Equatorial Guinea is to support and interact with local organizations related to our values. Late last year we made a donation to YWAM (Youth with a Mission) of 8 hospital beds for a health center in Bata.

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We Welcome "Bienvenida"

Recently Bienvenida has arrived to Barcelona, she is a new patient from Equatorial Guinea. She has an abdominal tumor, and they are making the necessary studies to determine the origin and treatment. All the tests are being carried out in Hospital Moisés Broggi and Hospital Bellvitge.

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Salut i Força interview

The TV program from IB3 channel “Salut i força" interviewed Olga Román, an representative from NGO Más que Salud. The interview was related to the campaign + Q1 Seed 2013, held in June 2013. We encourage you to listen to the interview and know more details about the campaign and plans for the future of this organization.

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2013 Annual Meeting

On November 9, 2013, we held our annual meeting. As in past years, we welcomed members and non-members to participate in this meeting. It was an encouraging time to share about all we have accomplished since our 2012 meeting including the recent +Q1 Seed 2013 Project. We dedicated significant time to sharing our Strategic Plan for the next five years by showing a documentary entitled, "Training Specialists in Equatorial Guinea." We also introduced our new volunteer coordinator, Patty Martínez, who is tasked with invigorating our volunteer program as part of implementing our new strategic plan.

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Presentation at the Annual AFEC Retreat

In October 2013, we had opportunity to present the ministry of +QS at the annual retreat of the Association of Catalonian Evangelical Women, a retreat for Christian women that also celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. Every year the association gives a gift of support to a non-profit organization. This year, not only was +QS given the opportunity to share about our ministry but we were also the recipients of the donations given by the women who attended the retreat. We introduced +QS to over 300 women and they responded very positively to the work we are doing.

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Patient operation follow-up during the +Q1 Seed 2013 campaign

Further to the PAMI Project, rehabilitation material was given to Adrian's father, one of the patients operated on by the trauma team of QS + in Bata during the "+Q1 Seed Guinea 2013" campaign as a first step in the long-term follow-up needed by the patient.

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Press release about the +Q1 Semilla 2013 campaign

The Taulí Parc University Hospital from Sabadell has issued the following news following the participation of two of their trauma, Dr. Jorge Serrano and Dr. Patricia Martinez in the campaign +Q1 Seed 2013:

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First meeting between +QS and parents of hearing impaired children

The first meeting between parents and +QS took place in April 2013 to define strategies in order to create the "Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children in Equatorial Guinea." Issues related to the +Q1 Seed campaign were addressed at the meeting, where a group consisting of 2 otolaryngologists, a psychologist, one speech therapist and one audiologist will continue the care and assessment program initiated in 2012.

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Book donation for charity

One of our volunteers has recently published a book translated from French into Spanish. The manuscript's author has kindly decided to donate a significant amount of copies to +QS. Profits from the sale of these books will be used to fund our projects.

Dr. Tecla Mangué studies in Barcelona

As part of our plan we are developing to train trainers, Dr. Tecla Mangué (pediatrician) was brought to Barcelona to complete a course funded by the Salesa Foundation.

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First training scholarship awarded

As part of our Integrated Health & Education Project (PISE), +QS and the Salesa Foundation awarded the first scholarship to a Guinean doctor to bring her to Barcelona for further training.

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Merry Christmas 2012

Thank you for your support during 2012! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and pray it will be year marked by personal and spiritual peace and a year when we can all make our world a better place to live.

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2012 annual meeting

On December 1, 2012, we held our annual meeting in Barcelona. It was the first time we have held the meeting in Barcelona (all others have been held in Palma de Mallorca). Thanks to computer technology, we hosted a videoconference so members in Palma de Mallorca could participate in the meeting.

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Josefa's surgery

On November 5th, Josefa’s surgery finally took place at the Bellvitge University Hospital. We thank God that this very complicated surgery was successful! The heart surgeons who operated on Josefa are very positive about the outcome and Josefa’s recovery.

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Hearing aide donation

The Pedro Salesa Foundation continues its long-standing partnership with the +Qwords Project. This week we received hearing aides for Gimena, a little girl from Equatorial Guinea. The hearing aides will be sent immediately to Bata so that Gimena can continue her studies.

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Update about Josefa

Josefa is still in Barcelona awaiting her surgery at the Bellvitge University Hospital. Her surgery is scheduled for the week of October 31st.

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A new patient

+QS is honored to be caring for a new patient in Spain. Josefa is a 21-year old woman from Equatorial Guinea who suffers from a very serious heart disease. She will undergo a very complicated surgery at the Bellvitge University Hospital soon.

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Lidia returns to Barcelona

As part of the learning process and to monitor and maintain her cochlear implant, Lidia has returned to Barcelona. She is making great progress and is even making sounds and saying some words.

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Volunteers beyond our borders

In August and September, a German university student served as a volunteer as part of her university studies. She has helped us translate our website to English and German as well as recruiting new members to our organization. We are very thankful for the important role she played in representing +QS at our stand at Hospital Sant Joan Despí-Moisès Broggi where she shared information and photos about our organization with many people.

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Collaborative agreement with Salesa

Prior to launching the +Q1 Seed Campaign, +QS and the Pedro Salesa Cabo Foundation signed a collaborative agreement to work together to provide training in Equatorial Guinea. We want to express our sincere gratitude for their collaboration and their generous donation of an audiometer for the campaign.

Helping Saturnino start a new life

Saturnino was stricken with cancer and requires treatment for the rest of his life. In order to raise money to help him return to his home in Benin and begin life anew, one of our member volunteers organized a fund raising event in Palma de Mallorca. It included a variety of activities: polishing stones, decorating shoes, basketball, football (soccer), storytelling, massage, intercultural instruments and belly dancing.

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+QS delegation to the Canary Islands

On June 22 to 24, 2012, we made a trip to Tenerife, Canary Islands, to establish a chapter of +QS. During our trip we met with a group of pastors in Tenerife, a committed group of medical professionals, a group of young people and we presented the ministry to the Evangelical Church of Santa Cruz, Tenerife. The ministry was well received and we were encouraged by our time there.

Health supply donation

We are very grateful to several organizations for donating a variety of medical supplies and equipment to +QS. Anoris donated a Sirona dental chair, which was shipped to Yaundé (Cameroon) in July 2012 as part of our cooperative efforts with DentalCoop.

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Give the Gift of Health for only 1 euro a month

As you know, one of our principal projects (Project PISE) consists of creating a health care center to provide medical care in Evinayong, Equatorial Guinea. It’s a complex and long-term project that requires a lot of human and material resources.

Read more: Give the Gift of Health for only 1 euro a month

RNE4 interview

Germán Rubio, one of our board members, was interviewed for the "Entre Hores" program produced by RNE4, featuring the Forum of Micro NGOs in December 2011. Here is the link to the program with information about the event, which also includes Germán’s interview at minute 17 in the video.

Read more: RNE4 interview

Trip to Senegal 2012

The cooperative effort of NGOs CatalunyaCassamanse, Terenga, +QS, a group of volunteers trained by Dr. Gabriel Navarro (coordinator serving several years in Burkina Faso), and a corresponding group of highly motivated locals, succeeded in completing a dental health care campaign.

Read more: Trip to Senegal 2012

Cooperative project with DentalCoop

Germán Rubio, dentist and coordinator of Project PISE, is in Senegal representing +QS in a cooperative dentistry project with DentalCoop. Collaborating with other organizations with missions similar to +QS is one of our primary values. This is one more example of our commitment to work cooperatively and be able serve more people.

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+QS debuts at Manresa fair

On March 17 and 18, 2012, +QS shared a booth with other NGOs and presented its projects at the Natural Therapies Fair in Manresa.

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Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas from +QS!!

From Más que Salud, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May God bless you abundantly.

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Introducing +QS to Evangelical Churches

In 2011, we visited 10 churches to share about the ministry. We are very thankful for the invaluable help we received from each of these churches in terms of economic support, adding new volunteers to our ranks and on a spiritual level too.

As a result of these visits, we have made our presence know to the Evangelical community and our membership has also grown significantly.

News coverage of Manuel’s surgery

Another +QS patient, Manuel, has garnered media attention. Manuel suffered from a severe heart disease. Thankfully, his surgery and recovery went very well.

Read more: News coverage of Manuel’s surgery

+QS receives Joaquim Bonal Award for Project PISE

On May 24, 2011, the Academy of Medical Sciences of Catalunya and the Balears awarded +QS with the Bonal Award, which recognized the coherent structure and sustainability of Project PISE. This award recognizes NGOs for their efforts in international cooperative projects. We were proud to receive our award from Boi Ruiz, the Minister of Health of Catalunya, at the Academy headquarters.

Read more: +QS receives Joaquim Bonal Award for Project PISE

Trip to Burkina Faso

In April 2011, we also sent a group to Burkina Faso to serve in a cooperative effort with Emsimision during a 10-day project in the town of Yagma, about 45 minutes away from the capital Ouagadougou. Emsimision is an NGO we have collaborated with on several occasions, providing medication, financial and medical support, and dental and technical assistance.

Read more: Trip to Burkina Faso

Mediterranean Dental Forum

In April 2011, we took part in the VII Mediterranean Dental Forum, the most important congress for dental professionals in the Mediterranean region of Europe. We shared about our projects and some +QS members represented the organization in our booth.

Read more: Mediterranean Dental Forum

Paper presented at Global Congress of Maternal and Infant Health

In September 2010, we presented a paper entitled, "Management of a Health Center in Equatorial Guinea." It was a fantastic opportunity for us to share about our projects and experiences during the Bolondo-Bata 2009 project.

Newspaper articles about Constancia's operation

Several newspapers have published articles about one of our most recent patients who suffered from a very rare and complex urological problem. We thank God that we could bring a highly qualified urologist from London to perform the surgery. The surgery was successful and we are pleased her recovery has been so good.

Read more: Newspaper articles about Constancia's operation

Sexual health seminar

In June 2010, +QS was invited to give a seminar about sexually transmitted diseases with a special focus on prevention. Speaking from a Christian perspective, we shared about the safest ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and their negative consequences, while also speaking specifically about other preventative methods. The seminar was hosted by the cultural association “Espai Imagine” and the Evangelical Church of Cantabria Street.

Read more: Sexual health seminar

Economic collaboration with Chile

You may have heard of the terrible earthquake that struck Chile in February 2010. It was a horrible tragedy and +QS decided to help with recovery efforts by making a financial contribution. We hope that our small gift will help with reconstruction efforts. We trust in God’s mercy and care for everyone affected by this catastrophe.

Economical cooperation with Turmanyé

In 2009, we had opportunity to collaborate economically with the NGO Turmanyé ( This Christian organization provides assistance to at-risk children and families in Peru. Our contribution helped defray the costs of feeding infants and paying the rent for rescued street children.